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Sulzer Metco Thermal Spray ManualSulzer Metco Thermal Spray

Manufacturer of this unit: Sulzer Metco OSU GmbH Weseler Str. 1 47169 Duisburg Telefon +49 203 54411-0 Telefax +49 203 54411-49 Sulzer Metco distribution. Key characteristics Rotameter gas metering system Real-time monitoring of process parameters Automatic operation of Diamond Jet (DJ) gun.

Sulzer Metco Djc Control Manual

Apparatus for Spraying Molten Metal and Other Fusible Substances Original Patent Click on images to open PDF file for closeup view. For a frameable copy of the original patent, contact and specify your desire for your own, free copy. In April 2000, the International Thermal Spray Association announced the establishment of a Thermal Spray Historical Collection. Growing in size and value, there are now over 30 different spray guns and miscellaneous equipment, a variety of spray gun manuals, hundreds of photographs, and several thermal spray publications and reference books. Future plans include a virtual tour of the collection on this website for the entire global community to visit which we now anticipate to be ready in the fall of 2004. For the moment, you can view a descriptive list of the collection. If you are able to offer more detailed identification information or need information on donating the ITSA historical Collection, contact ITSA Administrative Assistant Kathy Dusa at [email protected] or ITSA Historical Collection Archivist Frank Hermanek at [email protected] This is a worldwide industry collection and we welcome donations from the entire thermal spray community.

ITSA Historical Collection Inventory Log Description Donated by: Date 1 SG Pistole N.R. Made in Germany Joe Stricker, St. 2015 Chevrolet Aveo Ls Service Manual.