Rainbow Playset Instruction Manual

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Owner’s Manual And Assembly Instructions The Ventura Model 1-AP008. Adventure Playsets Amarillo Texas 79119 Thank you for purchasing an Adventure Playsets Playcenter. We hope it will bring you and your children many years of safe and enjoyable backyard fun. Table of Contents. Discover free woodworking plans and projects for rainbow playset instructions. Start your next project for rainbow playset instructions with one of our many woodworking plans. Woodworking project plans available for immediate PDF download.

Rainbow Playset Instruction Manual

Let Your Imagination Soar® with Rainbow® Wooden Swing Sets The Best Outdoor Swing Sets Today, Rainbow Play Systems has 600,000 structures installed worldwide. Rainbow is 1,800,000 children strong and growing stronger since they are already actively playing on their very own Rainbow®. Your child can be the next to blast off, rocketing to the moon. Tomorrow, your child will be the ringmaster in the center ring of the circus.

Last week, they were pirates sailing the seven seas, searching for hidden treasures. With their imagination and a Rainbow® play system, there are no limits to where they can go.

Rainbow Play Systems offers over 100 Cedar Castles & Clubhouses or over 50 Redwood Castles and over 150 wooden play set options and accessories from which you can choose. This allows you the freedom to design the ideal outdoor wooden swing set for your family. For healthy, safe fun, we assure you every Rainbow swing set is built with quality craftsmanship and your child’s safety in mind.

Rainbow Playset Instruction Manual

Rainbow has over 200 locations worldwide to serve you, providing professional delivery & installation service nationwide and offers the best Lifetime Warranty coverage in America.

Insurance Agency Procedure Manual. My son received this game as a birthday gift. We have it assembled and inflated.

You have to secure the screws in the vertical bracket that mounts to the back and also ensure that the plastic 'knobs' at the bottom are inserted into the corresponding holes of the inflatable 'screen.' If you're missing any of those parts, I don't know how you'd assemble it to play. However, I don't see any instructions/manual either.

I need to insert the four size D batteries today. Maybe the game will be self-explanatory after that. Dec 25, 2010 .

Older Rainbow Noisy Posted by Capt_Troll on May 06, 2008 I Have an Older Rainbow (i think it's a d4) my Old roommate ran it once without water. It Still works now (with water), but it's Very noisy on start up Also I Can't seem to remove the separator (no instructions) but the nut at the end of it appears to free spin the motor when i try to turn it. Can I Take this apart and Clean/lube it? And if so how? Or is this thing on its last legs? Thanks Hello, I would advise you to ALWAYS to FIRST UNPLUG YOUR VACUUM before beginning any service procedure.

Rainbow Playset Instruction Manual

Rainbow E Series Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum. The Rainbow D4 is an older Rainbow Vacuum and the part where the separator is part of the armature, the separator should be able to be removed and that might be one of the things making noise. As normal maintenance the separator should be removed and cleaned after every use and re-installed, then place a newspaper or towel under the motor unit and turn on the Rainbow and spin the moisture out of the motor unit. This should be done every time you use it. Other wise the Rainbow has 3 fans in the bottom of the motor and if they are weak they will make noise from the motor unit as well. Watch out the repair of the Rainbow D4 may exceed the cost of a new motor of which will solve your problem of noise and separator --- compare the cost and the labor and make a decision. If you have further questions please feel free to contact your local vacuum cleaner dealer..

Rainbow Playset Instruction Manual

So if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact your local vacuum cleaner dealer in your area or in the yellow pages, or contact the factory phone number or website to further assist you with your questions. The Rainbow / RexAir Factory phone number is listed below: Customer Service 1-248-643-7222 Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST Thanks, Don the Vac Man Go Ahead. May 06, 2008 .