Minn Kota All Terrain 40 Owner Manual

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• 8 Answers SOURCE: You should only run the motor with a 24v battery or two 12v batters 'jumped' out. To jump the two batteries, connect the positive on one batter to the negative on the other battery and hook the trolling motor battery cables up to positive and negative terminals that are NOT jumped out as you would normally. Don't run this with 12v as you will have serious problems if you do. They do not make a 65lb thrust in 12v - too much pound thrust to run off of 12v. Posted on Sep 07, 2009.

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Re: Minn Kota #40 Edge Trolling Motor: NEED OWNERS MANUAL The foot switch should have a CONT (continuous) and a MOM (momentary) switch on it as well as a another button that you step on to make things go. If you set the switch to CONT the motor will run all the time depending on what speed you have selected with the SPEED control. If you have the speed switch set to ZERO -- she won't go. Do you have a 'good' battery (as in are you positive it is a serviceable battery)? Have it load tested.

Lastly, I think you are mistaken about the Edge and Autopilot. You either do not have an Edge or you do not have Autopilot.

Edge trolling motors are not available with autopilot. These are tiller or cable steer motors with five speeds.

Minn Kota All Terrain 40 Owner Manual

The autopilot feature can only be installed on electric steer motors like the Power Drive or Terrova. You may be confusing autopilot with the built-in sonar feature which is merely a transducer for a fish finder. Or you may be thinking about the Co-pilot feature but again, that is only available on Terrova and Power Drive models. So -- what is it you really have?