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Platinum marcy home gym, Pm-3200, Model pm-3200 • Read online or download PDF • Impex PM-3200 User Manual. The Marcy Platinum MP3500 home gym allows you to do dozens of strength training exercises for your upper and lower body. The gym has an upright bench with.

Chest, Triceps and Shoulder Exercises The Marcy MP3500 has a dual-function pressing bar. Vauxhall Corsa C 2017 Manual here. Use it to do standard chest presses, incline chest presses and overhead shoulder presses. The pectoral deck station isolates your chest with a fly movement. Target your side and front shoulder muscles by attaching the single handle to the low pulley and doing front and lateral raises. Hook the straight bar to the ab pulley to do overhead triceps extensions, or use the lat bar on the high pulley to do triceps pressdowns.

Back and Biceps Exercises The lat bar hooks to the high pulley for lat pulldowns. Use a wide grip, close grip or underhand grip. Sit on the floor with your feet against the footplates and use the straight bar on the low pulley to do seated rows for your back muscles. Attach the straight bar to the low pulley to do bent-over rows or standing biceps curls.

Use the single handle to do one-arm rows or one-arm biceps curls. Core Exercises The Marcy MP3500 system has an ab pulley with an ab strap for the seated crunch exercise. You can twist your shoulder toward the opposite knee and target your obliques with a twisting seated crunch. Lie on the floor with your head a couple of feet away from the low pulley. Hold the straight bar to do weighted crunches or weighted twisting crunches on the floor. Lie on the floor with your feet facing the low pulley and attach the ankle strap to do weighted reverse crunches. Copyright © 2018 Leaf Group Ltd.

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Marcy prides itself on offering home exercise equipment for everyone, from the novice to the experienced bodybuilder. Whether you are just starting out or have been training for years, Marcy has something for every fitness level. With over 35 years of experience in the fitness industry, Marcy and its parent company, IMPEX, are recognized as industry leaders. Our focus is on providing amazing customer service and innovative products to help you improve your health and fitness level. Home Exercise Equipment Purchasing home exercise equipment is a big investment and our Marcy products ensure customer satisfaction with home gym equipment that is strong, reliable, and user-friendly.

Our competitively priced products make it easy to build a comprehensive home gym set, no matter what your budget is. Top Rated Home Gym Equipment Benefits • Home exercise equipment is convenient A home gym offers the flexibility of working out at home on your schedule and at your convenience. No more running to get to the gym before it closes, or waking up early to account for the extra travel time — you can fit in your workout at any time. • Home exercise equipment is more hygienic Owning your own equipment means no more hoping that the person before you wiped down the fitness equipment when they finished using it. It also means no more questionable sweat stains or smells.

• Home gyms are customizable You can purchase top-rated home exercise equipment that best fits your needs and interests. Do you prefer to use a barbell instead of hand weights? Are you recovering from an injury and are more focused on rehabilitation rather than bulking up? Only purchase what you need, when you need it. For home gym ideas and additional fitness tips, head over to the. • Home gyms are more private For people who prefer the privacy of working out alone, home gyms are perfect! You don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable, especially when you are a beginner.

• You are more in control of your environment When you have a home gym, you control your environment. Do you like to blast music or put on a specific TV program? Prefer to crank the AC as high as it will go? It’s your choice. You aren’t at the mercy of the gym and its other members. You can save money: Let’s face it; gym memberships are expensive!

Even though your initial investment may be a little higher when you first purchase home exercise equipment, it will pay for itself in missed gym membership fees over time. Today to learn more about Marcy’s incredible line of high quality and accessibly priced home exercise equipment!