Honda Hrm215 3 Speed Manual

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View and Download Honda Automobiles HRM215 Harmony owner's manual online. Rotary Mower. HRM215 Harmony Lawn Mower pdf manual. View and Download Honda Automobiles HRM215 Harmony owner's manual. Blade Speed The. You may order them from your Honda lawn mower dealer. Shop Manual This.

I am having problems with the rear right wheel moving freely when the lawnmover make a left turn going back to cut a new path. It seems to have some sort of bind in it when I do the pivot for the turn kind of locks up but still will turn with enough force applied. I have grease both rear wheels each has a socket attached to the wheel and a small socket attach to the axle. When both are place together they work off of one another. The left one works great and I at a lost as to what the trouble right wheel that binds when doing the pivot to the left. I call the Honda repair locally which repairs all the Honda lawnmovers and they did not thing it was the transmission since it does work! Can anyone offer some help to me on this?

What does ccw stand for? As I described above; I do not see a pivot arms at all! When I remove the wheel from the lawnmower; I have a big socket on the wheel and a small socket on the axle.

That it; there is no other mechanics inside the wheel that I remember! Where are the wheel bearings located? Are they inside the wheel? Between the big socket and the wheel housing. That the tire is around? Where is the pivot arm located? Thanks for all your replys; but I need to get more detail as to how to go about trying to solve this!

Hi all, I got brief instruction from a seller in Ebay; but I ran into trouble with after removing the snap ring on the small gear on the tranmission axle. How does one go about removing the gear(socket) to access the half moon spring? The spring provides the privoting on the lawnmower.

I try pulling it out with a pair of pliers but it does not budge. I don't know if I should use more force or there is another way to do it? Any one know?

I purchase my Honda at Home Depot back in 1994 for $827.00. It was the top of the line model. Here what I have done below: Here is what I have done. I have replace my privot arm with a brand new one. And inserted a new 'half moon key' in the slot with the spring.

Add a new wheel too! After all of this; it still locks the wheel when I try to privot the lawmower and turn left to start a new run; without the self-propell. Can you offer some suggestions as to what I can check to unfree the right wheel? My style of mowing is that I release the self-propell when I get to the end of the row and manual turn the mower around using my own power.

The mower is usually at a stop when I conduct the turning action and now it just locks up and will not turn until I move it in a straight line again! Do you know what controls the wheel when the mower is not in motion and you conduct a turning action. It is either the small socket or the wheel itself. What function does the half moon key play? I not sure myself? Also, the Honda technican told me to remove the WD40 and use grease in the spring because WD40 rust the parts he saids. Thanks for any assistances.

Just to update you on my progress - it done! Here is the solution for me that made it work.

The small socket/gear does not have to face the same way/direction as the other side of the wheel. I did make some minor mistakes in that I one side of the axle is shorter/longer then the other side.

But it works and that all that counts! Here is my repair below: I installed a new pivot arm on the right side and on the left side I replaced the bushings on the left pivot arm and save myself $15.00. It was much easier know how the right side went on and off. It is really easy to do! The wheels move much easier now. When it is in self-propelled; it seem faster too! I am very happy!

I think I saved myself around $120-$150 in labor charges! In summary, the mower operates like new! The bushings really made a big impact on the drivable of the mower! 2015 Chevy Silverado Z71 Owners Manual. ! I am very happy that it works that nicely after the repair.

New tires are nice too! Thanks you all for your replies!

It keep me going; hunting for knowledge to make it work! My brother purchased a new Honda HRX217 HMA (power start) 21' Mower. Since he is so particular concerning care of his equipment, I decided to use his machine to test the quality of Honda Equipment. Will it live up to the reputation?

As background, I am an engineer. The mower was purchased on May 11th 2007. The cost was roughly $900 including tax.

This is the top of the line non-commercial unit. I installed a new SenDec digital hour meter to track use. The lawn it mows is sub one acre and almost entirely flat. With a very light slope on the front lawn. Water is inexpensive and plentiful here in Nebraska, so it is watered and fertilizes heavily and mown roughly once a week. First Problem: On the second use the mower unexpectedly sputtered and died.

When restarted the mower the power drive (a hydrostatic unit on these mowers) failed to work at all. The drive on these units runs off a belt from the engine shaft. The belt drives a pulley on the transmission (rear wheel drive) and speed is adjusted by a cable that rotates a shaft on the transmission that meters the fluid in the transmission.