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Hobby 650 ManualHobby 650 Manual

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I'm looking into buying a Hobby 650 UMFE. Is this a good caravan as you seem to get quite a lot for your money. Also I know Hobby have a good name so keen to get one. Also Chemical Toilets, when it comes to emptying them, can this be done in your toilet at home?

Thank you in advance. Yes, but I wouldn't advise it unless it's an outside, concrete and tile sort!

And you need rinsing facilities. The possibilities of splashing/dripping etc do not go with a nice cosy bathroom/WC area. (Having said that, I have emptied our Motorcaravan's Thetford down domestic toilets in the past, but always with preparation and great care - it's worse if it's someone else's bathroom you make a mess in) We have a rodding eye at the end of the sewer run in our sideway - with hose going, emptying is straightforward and efficient (the contents start moving in the correct direction as you start pouring) That's enough of that, I'll get back to my tea now. Hi Wammo, Hobbies are great caravans and I would fully recommend them. However, a 650 should not really be towed unless being pulled by a 3. 5 tonne van/truck (although you will see plenty being towed by 4x4s they are not legal) also many sites do not allow Hobbies on because of the traveller/gypsy connection.

Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. Read Practical Motorhome's expert review of the Hobby Siesta T 650 AK KLC. You can examine Hobby 650 KMFe Prestige Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for Hobby 650 KMFe Prestige. Besides, it’s possible to examine each page of the guide singly by using the scroll bar. Feb 13, 2009  Hobby Prestige 650 Caravan notrashplease1234. REVIEW Hobby 700 VIP Premium - Duration: 6:02. Practical Caravan TV 37,628 views.

Hobby parts direct to you. Welcome to the JG Trading Co Parts and Accessories. Genuine Hobby parts and accessories.

Many of the twin wheeled Hobbies have been owned by travellers/gypsies and so can be abused although some are looked after and kept in immaculate condition so inspect the 'van thoroughly. Always check that the vin plate is on the van and confirm the manufacture year is what is advertised as many are stated as younger than they are. There is a Hobby section on here where you can ask other questions and also a Hobby Owners Club which has a website that has some very helpful members and also on occasions Hobbies for sale. Hope this helps. Hello there as well, my reply is in the strange shade of brown.. I'm looking into buying a Hobby 650 UMFE.

Hobby are the worlds largest caravan manufacturer and the quality of their products is amazingly good from what I have seen and from what the owners of the vans that I have met say about them, however, if you are not buying new you honestly do have to make absolutely certain that you actually want one as if you only use it in the UK there are more than a few downsides to their ownership! If your are buying new then you will be 100% OK but if you are buying 2nd hand then there are loads of very dodgy deals going around as so many incredibly suspicious people have owned them! In the UK there are a lot of sites that don't allow Hobby's, most especially the larger ones and the larger ones are next to impossible to tow legally, unless that is you are a traveller or always drive around in a very large van or truck. Is this a good caravan as you seem to get quite a lot for your money. Hobby caravans are superbly built, In my own mind I feel absolutely certain that if Hobby ever made a concentrated effort to export their products to the UK, I am sure they would drive a lot of the UK manufacturers quite literally out of business! Yes you are totally correct, you do get a lot of caravan for your money which all goes to show that if you are making xxxthousands of vans per year it is far more economically viable than when you are making xxxxxhundreds. Also I know Hobby have a good name so keen to get one.

Also Chemical Toilets, when it comes to emptying them, can this be done in your toilet at home? When I lived in the UK and had an office at home in the converted stable block across the yard from the house, I always emptied the chemical loo into it, but I would never do such a thing in the house just in case of any back-splash problems. Barry Levine Laboratory Manual on this page. Thank you in advance. You are more than welcome Bonne chance. As said the 610 and 630 and 650 refer to the body length minus the front gas locker Dave No correlation on Hobbys between model number and any body lengths, external or internal, which vary even with the same model number and/or bed layout..