Bombardier 670 Rotax Engine Manual

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Bombardier 670 Rotax Engine Manual

Rotax Aircraft Engine Manuals: All manual Editions and Revisions are current as of 27-Mar-2017.

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Boy me, I'll bet you're a real pain in the ass. So, you buy a used 7 year old snowmobile, even though it only will go about 30 miles an hour, and you complain when you have to do some repairs to this 7 year old snowmobile. Then you bitch when ski-doo won't give you a new motor on a 7 year old snowmobile.

You can't be serious, can you? And you expect the pictures to all be exact in the manual? And you lump all Rotan motors into one big heap and call them all junk? I hope I never sell you anything in the future, even something like a fork. After 30 years you would piss and moan that one tine is slightly bent. With your attitude, I'm sure ski-doo and all their shareholders are very happy that you are choosing Polaris over ski-doo. You may receive a letter from Polaris offering you money to be used towards a non-Polaris snowmobile though.

'me' wrote in message news:[email protected] >I have a story to tell about Rotax engines used by BOMBARDIER that are >supposedly very reliable that will make you think twice about whether >you would own one. >>Basically here is my horror story: >>I purchased a 1995 670 Summit snowmobile in January from a private sale. >>From day one I was unable to get any power out of it, the top speed was >about 30 mph. >I purchased the shop manual from bombardier at a cost of $70.00 >canadian. >We went over the typical problems ie: carburator, fuel line, filters, >spark plugs etc.

I took it out a few more times and each time it would >bog out. The last time out I had to be towed out of the bush. Finally >got fed up and took it to a dealer to look.

>They found the start of a horror story. The technician tried like heck >to remove my flywheel and finally got it off. He called me and said it >would cost $1800.00 canadian to repair. >I needed a new crankshaft and flywheel plus 9 hrs of labor. >He said that the keyway on the flywheel and the crank was stripped and >the flywheel locked itself onto the end of the crank. I asked how that >could happen and he said maybe there wasn't any loctite on the bolt.

The >flywheel has 7 drill holes in it for balancing. >I said I couldn't afford it and that my husband will work on it. He is >very mechanically inclined. We knew we had the shop manual NOT the >owner's manual to use for reference. >We ordered a used crankshaft and flywheel from another dealer and thus >began our adventure.

>My husband CUT off the warranty tags that were on the electronics in >order to remove the engine. THUS THE ENGINE WAS NEVER REMOVED FROM THE >MACHINE. >The used crank came with an extra piece called the 'sleeve' it is >approx. 1' in length and fits snug on the crankshaft. >We could NOT find that piece on my old crankshaft OR in the manual. I >went to the dealer and asked what this piece was for.

He brought up a >microfiche for my machine THIS MICROFICHE WAS NOT THE SAME AS IN MY SHOP >MANUAL and lo and behold there was the 'sleeve' >THIS SLEEVE WAS NOT on my engine in the first place. That is why the >flywheel flew off and stripped the keyway. It is supposed to be placed >on the PTO side in between the 2 bearings. When my husband removed the >crankshaft the 2 bearings were tight together next to the gears. This >threw the entire engine off balance and at any time could have exploded >when the machine was running, causing severe engine damage and possibly >the rider may have been injured as well. >I looked into the history of the machine and any warranty claims.

>Here is what I found: Nextgen Training Manual. >1 week after purchasing the new machine the throttle cable was replaced. >>1 month after purchase the belt was replaced. >2 months after purchase BOTH pistons were replaced. >After that I am sure the original owner sold this machine.

One would >have to wonder why all this needed to be replaced on such a new engine. >>ANYONE WOULD THEN KNOW THAT BOMBARDIER SCREWED UP!!!!