2017 Yamaha Waverunner Gp1200r Owners Manual

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View and Download Yamaha VX/VX Sport owner's manual. Boat Yamaha WaveRunner GP1200R Service Manual. Yamaha owners like you, and only while your Yamaha is. Yamaha; 2017 VX Cruiser; Owner's Manual; 2017 Yamaha VX Cruiser — Owner's Manual. Posted on 15 Jan, 2017 Model: 2017 Yamaha VX.

Operating the watercraft When the throttle lever is squeezed, the “F” (forward) shift indicator will be displayed in the multifunction display and the watercraft will move forward. While the “F” (forward) shift indicator is displayed, the watercraft will move forward at trolling speed even if the throttle lever is in the fully closed (idle) position.

Steering control depends on the combination of handlebar position and the amount of throttle. Water sucked in through the intake grate is pressurized by the impeller in the jet pump. As the pressurized water is expelled from the pump through the jet thrust nozzle, it creates thrust to move and steer the watercraft. The higher the engine speed, the more thrust produced. The amount of jet thrust, in addition to the position of the handlebars, determines how sharply you turn. More throttle produces higher thrust, so the watercraft will turn more sharply. Less throttle produces lower thrust, so the watercraft will turn more gradually.

2000 Yamaha Waverunner Gp1200r Millennium Edition

2004 Suzuki Ltz 400 Owners Manual. Releasing the throttle lever completely produces only minimum thrust. If you are traveling at speeds above trolling, you will have rapidly decreasing ability to steer without throttle.

Nissan Presage Workshop Manual. You may still have some turning ability immediately after releasing the throttle lever, but once the engine slows down, the watercraft will no longer respond to handlebar input until you apply throttle again or you reach trolling speed. At trolling speed, the watercraft can be turned gradually by handlebar position alone using just the amount of thrust available at idle.

Yamaha Waverunner Gp1200r Specs

Know and follow all local regulations in effect for the waters in which you will be operating. Operation of the watercraft slowest possible speed until the watercraft must be in accordance with the rules and is well away from the person being pulled regulations governing the waterway on which and slack in the ski rope is taken up. Remove your watercraft from the water and move it away from the shoreline before refueling. Catch the draining water in the drain pan or soak it up with the dry cloth so that it does not spill into the engine compartment.

Water sucked in through the intake grate is pressurized by the impeller in the jet pump. The watercraft will go sharply if you apply throttle while turning the straight even though the handlebars are handlebars. Do not go near others to their feet on the floor of the footwell and spray or splash them with water. Avoid sharp turns or other maneuvers that make it hard for others to avoid you or understand where you are going.

Perform the pre-operation checks and post-operation checks before performing periodic maintenance.