Micros Fidelio Billing Manual

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Fidelio Front Office User Manual Version 6.20. MICROS-Fidelio Regional Offices. The Billing Menu.

Micros Fidelio Billing Manual

Micros Fidelio looks to Sof tline Accpac for its competitive edge Softline Accpac and channel partner, AccT ech Systems has signed a R1,2 million deal with Micros Fidelio, a leading provider of food and beverage and front office hotel management systems. The deal will include the implementation of a nationwide call centre, CRM and back office service management solution.

It will also provide full GPRS capabilities for live PDA updates. Keith Fenner, strategic sales, Softline Accpac says Micros Fidelio will enjoy improved response times, streamlined service in its call centre, better management of stock and serial tracking, faster billing and delivery as well as a holistic view of its customers: “All of which will positively impact its bottom line.” He says Micros Fidelio needed to replace its call centre software, which did not integrate into its back office applications: “Softline Accpac presented a solution that will fully integrate all channels of communication to the call centre, including W eb, SMS or telephone. The message is routed through the call centre with Accpac CRM’s easy to use web interface to the appropriate team for processing and immediate updating.” Accpac provides holistic view Terti us Zitzke, managing director, AccTech Syste mssays th at by implementing a fully integrated CRM, call centre and service management solution, Micros Fidelio will have a holistic view of its customers, jobs, equipment and sites. He says that once a call is logged into the CRM system and all the relevant information is gathered, it will be allocated to an engineer who will either respond via a W eb portal or PDA device utilising T echnisoft’s Service Manager module. Instantaneously performing the tasks required, the engineer will update the system from the PDA, which will include issuing stock, recording time and obtaining customer signatures. “This automatically updates the back office accounting system and call centre, completing the loop,” says Zitzke.

Peter Booth, managing director, Micros Fidelio believes th at Soft line Accp ac is the only vendor capable of offering true integration in a box: “As a software company it is in our nature to try and use technology to provide our customers with the best service. By implementi ng an entire call centre, CRM and back office service management solution, which has live updates via PDA, we will certainly improve and surpass ourr Customer’s expectations.” Booth says the magic is in the flexibility of the system. Customers can contact them from any channel and it will not only be routed, but it will also be captured within the back office accounting andd service management systems. “This means that the call centre has a complete, and up to date, view of the customer and the finance department knows exactly what to bill and when.” Booth says another vital element of the solution was the integration to stock, serialised inventory and service management SLAs. Fenner concludes Softline Accpac’s solution provides true and measurable performance to the call centre: “By having the call centre fully integrated to back office accounting, front office web site and the entire service module, means that the return on investment will be achieved very fast.”.

Configuring the Billing Interface On this topic Important Note: The billing interface needs to be configured only if using the 3CX PMS integration (which emulates Mitel) with Mitel-compatible property management systems such as Innquest Roommaster and Brilliant / HotelConcepts. It is not required if using the Fidelio protocol (FIAS) with Micros-Fidelio and Protel. Introduction 3CX Phone System provides billing information so that you can charge your guests accordingly for each phone call. This information can be sent to a text file or to a TCP port so that you can integrate it with your PMS software.

Call costs are calculated and inserted into a CDR (Call Data Record) which is outputted to disk as a text file or sent to a particular host at a particular port. In this manner it is easy to integrate with a hotel software system or call accounting software. Adjusting Billing costs 3CX Phone System calculates call costs based on destination number and call duration. You will need to enter the cost for each country, for national calls and for mobile calls. The default billing rate is 1.0. To edit call rates: • In the 3CX Management Console, go to “Call Reports” >“Call Costs”.

• Edit the rates and click “OK”. • When calls are made to external numbers, they are checked against this prefix table. If a match is found then the cost is calculated as follows: Total Cost = Talking time * Rate where a rate of 1.0 means 1.0 per 60 seconds of talking time (1 minute). CDR Output The CDR feature provides four output channels.

• One CDR file for all calls. • One CDR file per call. • Active Socket output (initiates connection). • Passive Socket Output (waits for connection). To Enable the CDR feature, from the 3CX Management Console go to “Settings” >“CDR”.

Enable the “ Generate CDR ” checkbox and select the type of output you prefer. You can choose to the “Remove comma delimiters” Checkbox CDR Output Location CDR files in Windows are located in%allusersprofile%3CXInstance1DataLogsCDRLogs. In Linux CDR files are located in /var/lib/3cxpbx/Instance1/Data/Logs/CDRLogs. In the case of Server/Passive socket or Client/Active Socket, the IP Address and port must be specified in the management console. Customizing CDR Output Format If you need to alter the format with which the CDRs are outputted, press “ Configure ”. This will display a dialog whereby you can enable or disable call output fields, modify the order of the fields and also choose whether the output should have a dynamic length or a fixed length.

(Useful to support PMS Systems that cannot be modified). Read more on CDR. Honda Mini Bike Manual here. You might also be interested in: • • •.